Dances With Fat Confirmed For Fat Oppressor

A surveillance operative of the Directorate, alias “Bowdozer,” reported in a cable dated Friday, June 7:

Ragen went on a serious rant about t-shirt sizes. Let’s take a look at a shirt she sells from her website: . Notice that one must pay extra for the sizes for which her readership most likely wears.

The author of Dances With Fat has been confirmed to charge more for t-shirt sizes 2XL and larger. A 4XL t-shirt – which is the size Ragen wears – is an extra $7.00 compared to a thin-privileged medium. This is the same author who rails against airline policies which do not give persons of size preferential treatment, and who require obese people to purchase two seats if they are unable to fit in one. It is pertinent to note that space is a commodity on an airline, and your baggage is charged on the same basis. It would be far too rational to apply this concept to seating. Not only do larger t-shirts cost more, but they cost much, much more than the extra material used in a larger size t-shirt would. Ragen argues that a fat person – though they may take up the space of two seats – should not have to pay for two seats. Why, then, does a fat person – a fat reader of her own blog, no less – have to pay more for the same t-shirt a thin-privileged person wears? Yes it’s more material, but it’s the same t-shirt, right Ragen? Why are you oppressing and fat-shaming your own readers?

From her 5k post:

And for the record, if those shirts cost more and it messes with the profits then they can either become better at negotiating with their vendors or increase the race fees by a quarter or whatever per participant to make it work.


Perhaps another pertinent question is, who do the profits of these 2XL+ sized t-shirts go to?

Ragen, in addition to running a poorly-written blog and posting uninspiring videos of her dancing on YouTube, also does HAES and body acceptance seminars and sells an e-book. In an earlier document, this agency questioned who benefits from the HAES movement. Financially, at least, it appears to be Ragen. The more people she can disempower and convince that their health is not their responsibility, the more money she can make through her 8th-grade level e-book and trifold posterboard workshops. Is HAES about helping obese people be happy, or is it a marketing scheme which hopes to prey upon people’s poor body image? We already know that Ragen takes great pains to only approve only the most supportive and praising comments on her blog, and never addresses criticisms or challenges to her position, so she appears to derive a lot of personal self-worth out of the movement – not just “I feel good about myself” but “I am a celebrity.” How much does she profit off of HAES? This agency believes it is pertinent that at the bottom of every post, there is an ad for membership to the site, her e-book, and her dance DVDs. What is the real focus of Ragen’s blog?

In the early 2000s, there was a Belgian blogger who hated his job but enjoyed bench pressing in his basement. This Belgian blogger would later become an expert in SEO and cultivating an internet persona that many people would come to respect as a visionary in fitness and strength training, though he more or less plagiarized his material from Rippetoe’s Starting Strength but with less command of the English language and erroneous ideas regarding fat loss, building muscle, and training strength. Mehdi would never bench more than 242lbs (which, according to our analysts, is his best PR to date) and has now pay-walled his site, Stronglifts has now failed. He is a pariah in the fitness and strength training community, and it is now widely known that he is a sham, a poor writer, and neither represents nor cares for the principles of the community he founded some years ago. He is condemned by those who actually lift.

This agency believes that Ragen’s Dances With Fat appears to exhibit many trends similar to’s rise to unreasonable popularity and eventual downfall. Many parallels can be drawn between the two personalities. Neither are particularly athletic or fit, but speak as if they are authorities on health and fitness. Both are either misinformed or completely wrong in what they believe to be “strong” or “healthy.” What we must do is strive to ensure that Ragen influences and misleads far less people.

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4 thoughts on “Dances With Fat Confirmed For Fat Oppressor

  1. Does anyone know which national dance title Ragen allegedly won three times? Or where she got her fitnes training certifiate from? I sure can’t find anthing n it other than what’s her bio.

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